Benefits Of Massage

~ Reduces muscular tension and relieves muscle aches, stiffness, discomfort, and pain 

~ Enhances muscle and soft tissue elasticity and flexibility 

~ Lowers blood pressure (hypertension) 

~ Increases range of motion and stiffness in joints 

~ Calms nervous system and reduces anxiety 

~ Improves circulation of blood and lymph 

~ Improves immune system functioning 

~ Helps to achieve a state of true relaxation 

~ Improves energy flow 

~ Improves sleep 

~ Gets you in tune with your body 

~ Promotes well nourished healthy skin 

~ Helps restore tone to flaccid muscles 

~ Eliminates or prevents muscle adhesions 

~ Helps to soften scar tissue after injury or surgery

~ Helps to maintain posture and body balance 

~ Increases supply of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body